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Garage Services in Oxford and Witney from Aladdin Oxford Ltd

The Aladdin Oxford Ltd team offers a comprehensive range of garage services to motorists in the Oxford and Witney areas. We have two workshops, one in Oxford and one in Cassington, which perform annual car servicing and MOT testing. If you need us for car repairs, we’ve got you covered on those too! On this page, we explain a selection of our garage services to give prospective customers in Oxfordshire a clear idea of what we do.


If you need a reputable automotive specialist and come from the Oxford or Witney areas, please contact us on 01865 553756 or email us at aladdinoxford@gmail.com


We’re open from 8:00am to 6:00pm in the week and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.


MOT Testing


Vehicles over three years old undergo MOT testing every year to ensure they are safe and roadworthy. If your own model fails the test for any reason, we provide you with a clear reason as to why and even offer to make the necessary car repairs to your vehicle. After completing these repairs, we conduct a re-test with no additional charge. Our responsive car repairs ensure you are never off the road for any significant amount of time.


Many of our Oxford and Witney customers ask about the MOT testing specification and we always offer a clear explanation of what the procedure involves. If we find any issues with your vehicle that won’t stop you passing the MOT testing criteria, we issue advisories so you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to have any additional car repairs undertaken.


This kind of transparency affords peace of mind for our customers. Our garage services are always transparent and we never mislead our customers to secure additional work. We conduct MOT testing in the Class IV category at competitive prices. Motorists in Oxford and Witney can save more money by combining a test with one of our car servicing options.


Car Servicing


If you want to keep a vehicle running smoothly, invest in regular car servicing. A full or interim service ensures a car stays in good working order, maintains its resale value and reduces the chances of it breaking down – saving you money on the cost of car repairs in the future. Regular car servicing definitely pay dividends, and customers in Oxford and Witney always welcome the increase in performance they experience from our garage services.


We inspect the spark plugs, oil levels, filters and more as part of a multipoint check that ensures every element in your vehicle works properly. Our car servicing, which we price affordably, even covers some basic elements related to MOT testing so your car passes the next inspection with flying colours. Only the most qualified technicians attend to your vehicle at our Oxford workshop and our garage in Cassington, close to Witney.


With Aladdin Oxford Ltd, there’s never any need to worry about substandard car servicing.


Engine Diagnostics


Is there something not quite right with your vehicle? Are you unsure as to what the problem is? Engine diagnostics can get to the bottom of subsystem issues. We utilise advanced electronic code readers which communicate with a car’s on-board computer to find out what the issue is. Aladdin Oxford Ltd explains exactly what’s wrong, and provides you with an option to have car repairs carried out at either of our two Oxfordshire workshops.


Since 1990, we have encountered every type of engine and vehicle you could imagine. Give us some time with your car and we’ll get to the bottom of any issues before recommending the most appropriate garage services for our valued Oxford and Witney customers.


Car Repairs


Our company carries out a wide range of car repairs and covers all mechanical issues. While engine diagnostics help us to pinpoint the need for repair work through innovative equipment, mechanical car repairs (such as brake and clutch replacements) rely more on the troubleshooting skills of our technicians. Our primary aim is always the same – to find the problem quickly and to get you back on the road without any lengthy delays.


Because we provide garage services in the Oxford and Witney areas as an independent company, Aladdin Oxford Ltd performs mechanical car repairs on every conceivable make or model. This means we can cover the car servicing and repair needs of every vehicle in your family, while still upholding your additional obligations for an MOT testing inspection.


Our services include:


• Mechanical Car Repairs

• Full Car Servicing

• Interim Car Servicing

• Annual MOT Testing

• Engine Management

• Engine Diagnostics

• Gearbox Repairs

• Belt Replacements

• Tyres and Exhausts

• Brakes and Clutches

• Shocks and Suspension

• Steering Repairs

• Air Conditioning Repairs

• Summer and Winter Checks


Would you like to know more about our garage services? Call 01865 553756 for further information on car servicing, car repairs and MOT testing in Oxford and Witney.