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Professional Car Servicing, MOT Testing and Car Repairs in Witney

From our base in Oxford, we are able to bring competitively priced, quality car servicing, MOT testing and other garage services to motorists across Witney. The fully qualified and highly experienced engineers who form our team are well known for their commitment to customer service, as well as their trustworthiness and efficiency. If you are searching for a leading provider of car repairs in Witney, you’ve come to the right place.


On this page we’ve written about some of the more common repairs we make on a day-to-day basis. While the below repairs are our bread and butter due to the frequency we carry them out, if you require other garage services, MOT testing, car servicing or specialist, niche car repairs in Witney, don’t hesitate to call us on 01865 553 756. We pride ourselves on our versatility and wide-reaching expertise.






A vehicle will usually require new brake pads every 40,000 miles or so, although this depends on the automobile and how the owner drives. Stop-start driving in heavily congested areas can mean you need your brakes attended to more often. Other aspects of the braking system that may be the focus of our car repairs in Witney are brake discs, drums and rotors. Brake lines rarely need attending to, unless they are cut.  Brakes are checked during the MOT testing procedure, so it’s important to keep them well maintained if you’re looking to pass first time. If you’re unsure whether your brakes need attending to, or if another element may need maintenance, our garage services firm recommends a full car servicing which helps keep a vehicle running safely and efficiently.


Tires and Rims

Tires need to be replaced when their tread depth wears down below the legal minimum of 1.6mm. However, many manufacturers recommend changing your tires when they reach 3mm, just to be safe. This is because during wet or icy weather, tires with 1.6mm of tread depth can take significantly longer to stop than those with 3mm. Note that we will check your tires as part of our car servicing packages, and that they will be examined during MOT testing.


Air Conditioning

While air conditioning keeps you cool, it also plays a more important role ensuring your windscreen doesn’t fog up in cold weather. One of our most popular garage services is our air conditioning diagnostics and repair offering. And it’s not just your system packing up and refusing to work that we can aid in, as we can also help out if your air-con is performing inefficiently. So if you require air conditioning-related car repairs in Witney, keep our highly trained professionals in mind.



If you require any of the above garage services, MOT testing, servicing or high quality car repairs in Witney, call Aladdin Oxford Ltd on 01865 553 756.